Is it safe to delete DLL files?

Is it safe to delete DLL files

Software programs place DLL files in one or more folders during installation. These files contain code that tells programs how to work.

Safest not to delete

If you are considering deleting an unknown DLL file, it is probably best to leave it at that. that deleting a DLL file may cause one or more other programs to stop working properly, if at all.

Hard to find

Some software programs may also install DLLs in multiple folders outside the Program Files folder (where most programs are installed). It can be quite difficult to find these DLLs and it can be dangerous to delete them.

If you need to delete, copy first

As we mentioned earlier, if you are not sure if a DLL file is used by another program, we recommend that you do not. If you then encounter a problem with another program that requires the use of the recently deleted DLL file, you can restore the file from the backup.