How easy is your computer to repair?

When buying a new PC, there are many things that should be considered. Most people evaluate their purchase on things like the actual size of the computer, battery life, space on the hard drive, computing power, price, etc.

But we encourage you to also consider whether the PC you are looking at is easy or difficult to repair when it gets older. Not all brands do it equally. For example, Apple is notoriously good at making it difficult to repair their computers. They are known for gluing things together so they cannot be easily assembled after a repair; they have invented their own type of screw so that ordinary screwdrivers will not work. Those things can mean that repairs can be very expensive if, for example, you have to replace more parts than just the one to be repaired.

A brand that we are very excited about and that we can strongly recommend is Lenovo. Lenovo computers have gone the other way and ensured that they must be easy and straightforward to repair when needed. In addition, in our view, you also get the most value for money with Lenovo and very good durability in general. Visually, many of the Lenovo models are reminiscent of the classic IBM computers, so one is tempted to say that Lenovo is the new IBM. Nowadays, however, they also make many other designs, so if the design is essential, Lenovo also has a lot to offer.